How to Play Music through Mic? Find solutions

We are enjoying music in the speakers of the system most of the time. But sometimes we are interested to hear the music from the Mic. Directly we cannot hear the music or sound from the Mic. Need additional software to be installed to get the sound from the Mic. We can use the Audio mixer to get the audio from the mic. We know how to play music through the mic.

how to play music through mic

How to play music through a mic

We can hear the music or get the audio in the game from the mic. In Windows 10 operating system to get the audio, we use Apps Rust Soundboard, ClownFish, VoiceMeeter, MorphVox, and Soundpad. To get the music from the mic or to get the audio through Mic in the Windows 10 operating system is a very simple way.

We think that we communicate with some person on skype. At the same time, we also hear the music at that time.  Nowadays most computer users use Youtube for their personal entertainment or to learn something. Whenever users play games on Youtube or watch videos on Youtube. At that time the users set different kinds of music effects.

We are getting the audio effects and also we get the music while playing games and other apps. To achieve the sound effect easily we are using Spotify hotkeys. Play the music with the Vrchat this will be used to get the music from the mic.

To get the music or we are playing a game we get the audio from the Mic by changing our system’s default sound microphone.

  • To set this we can go Start menu then click on the control panel then click on Hardware & Sound.
  • Press on Manage Audio Devices
  • Click on Recording and enable Stereo Mix
  • Finally set that one to the default Mic.

The process to play music from the mic


Below are the steps to play music from the mic.

  • Initially, we will download the PC Soundboard applications. The applications we have are Rust Soundboard, Clownfish, VoiceMeter, MorphVox, and Soundpad.
  • Now we are installing any one of the software above. Then connect the app to the Microphone. To connect we go to the control panel and then choose Hardware & Sound. Select Manage Audio Devices. Choose Recording and enable stereo mix and setting.
  • To this app, we add the sound effects or music which we wish to hear the music.
  • At last, we get the music from the mic.

Ways to Play Audio from Microphone with different software


We hear the music or sound in the game from the system’s hardware sound mixer. But to hear the music from the microphone we are using the below software.

Below are some of the software available in the market. These are

  1. ClownFish
  2. VoiceMeter
  3. MorphVox
  4. Soundpad
  5. Rust Soundboard

1. How to play music from the microphone with the ClownFish


  • This app Clownfish Voice Charger is one of the finest audio mixer apps available in the market at present. We are getting sound effects from this app like Robotic, and Alien when we play on the PC.
  • Steam, Discord, Teamspeak, Mumble, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, and others also use this app.
  • The main advantage of this app is it will work in Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems also.
  • By installing this app we get sound effects from this app like Robotics, Aliens, Radio, Males, Females, Babies, Fast Normal, Slow, Clones, and so on.
  • We are also given the Youtube link to music for the play.

2. How to play music from the microphone with the VoiceMeter

  • This app Voice Meter is simple to use. There are several features available in this app. By using this app we can develop our PC soundboard and create shortcuts for the games. Below are the installation steps for this app.
  • The VoiceMeter and Soundboard app will be downloaded.
  • Next, go to the task manager in the control panel. Click on the startup tab then enable these apps.
  • The VoiceMeter app output and input will be enabled. Give the input of VoiceMeter to the Output of the Soundboard.
  • Choose the system’s microphone and speakers as our system’s input and output.
  • The final step is that the Sis of the game uses VoiceMeter as input.

3. How to play music from the microphone with the MorphVox


With the help of this app, we play background sounds and sound effects. This app is available as free but in the free app, it contains limited features only. But the paid version offers more features. Below are the features of this app.

  • We have a Voice changer and hotkeys are enabled.
  • With the help of a voice changer, it will change our voice. Whenever we are speaking from the microphone the sounds are different.
  • Creating hotkeys to play sound effects and music is much easier and more flexible.
  • The most important feature it contains is Text speech.
  • This app supports all operating systems including MAC with High Sierra OS also.

4. How to play music from the microphone with the Soundpad


Soundpad is simple to use. We can get this from Steam. With this app, we can get more features. Below are the features of this app.

  • We develop hotkeys to play that will give different sounds. This feature is useful whenever we play games on full screen.
  • With the help of hotkeys, we can unmute the microphone whenever we can communicate with others.
  • Create playlists of music to which we wish to listen.
  • It supports both speakers and microphones.
  • We also record the sounds using this app.
  • Edit the sound of the record.

5. How to play music from the microphone with the Rust Soundboard


Below are some of the features this app contains.

  • Many Youtube users use this app because it offers Cringy sound effects
  • We see Cringy sound effects in the Rust.
  • The sounds of metal screws sound, squeaky sounds, and spring-loaded metal door sounds are in the Rust Sound.

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