How To Download Netflix Videos On Your Smartphone

If you want to watch Netflix videos while you’re traveling on a plane or you don’t have an Internet connection for some reason, it’s better to download the videos you want to watch early. But, is that even possible? Well, yeah. Netflix has its own download tool built into its smartphone app & you can download the videos right into your phone.

How to download Netflix videos?

These steps explain the process of downloading Netflix videos inside its mobile app. If you don’t have the Netflix mobile app, download it by visiting the link below.

Get the Netflix app

Steps to download a new video

  1. Open the Netflix mobile application & click on a Web/TV series or Movie (basically any video)
  2. Find the “Download” option & click on it to start download

How to download Netflix videos

Steps to download a video you were already watching

  1. Locate the video in the “Continue Watching” section
  2. Click on the three dots at the bottom right corner
  3. The “Download” option will appear. Click on it.

How to download Netflix videos

Do remember that these downloads happen inside the application so, if you want to play them offline, you need to open the “Downloads” section inside the app & locate your downloaded videos. From there you can play your downloaded videos offline.

Also, watching offline videos inside the Netflix app is the only legal way to watch Netflix videos offline. Downloading these videos from anywhere else is completely illegal.

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By following the above steps, you can easily download HD movies on Netflix. All you need to have is their Monthly Subscription plan. Also, if you want a regular update on the latest released movies, then you can check Movie-Rater for regular update. On the other hand, the method to download Netflix Movies online is the legal way.

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