The Best Headphones That You Can Take Swimming With You

swimming headphones

Need to listen to some good music during long swimming sessions? Well, you must pick great waterproof swimming headphones for that. It sounds pretty straight forward but, choosing the right ones ain’t easy. So, how to avoid ending up with the wrong product? Well, that’s why we have already shortlisted the best options available & wrote them down for you.

Best Headphones For Swimming

The headphones that we have selected for this list have a built-in MP3 player so, you don’t need an external player to enjoy music. They also have official IP rating & they’re built for swimming. So, hopefully, no unexpected damage.

Sony NWWS413LM

The Sony NWWS413LM is the all-around choice here. It has IPX7 water resistance so, it’s fine if you take it swimming. There is 4GB of Internal Storage so, you can store a lot of songs in it. However, the biggest USP here is the Battery Life of a maximum of 12 hours. So, you probably can complete multiple swimming sessions without charging the battery.

Sony NWWS413LM

JBL Endurance Dive

If you don’t want Sony, you can have a look at the JBL Endurance Dive. It also has IPX7 water resistance but, it has only 1GB of Internal Memory instead of 4. so, you’ll be able to store lesser songs in it. The Battery can last up to 8 hours. So, the main thing that you’re giving up here is the extra 3 Gigs of Storage. If you’re okay with that, you can try this one out.

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Finis Duo

The Finis Duo isn’t your regular earphone at all. It’s actually a bone conduction headset & it has some advantages of its own. It doesn’t have any earbuds as you’d expect but because it is bone conduction, it is transmitting audio through the bones around your ear. So, in under-water situations, it often ends up sounding better compared to regular earbuds. It has IPX8 waterproofing, 4GB memory & up to 7 hours of Battery life. This is also comparatively pricey from the other two.

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That’s it for our recommendations for the best swimming headphones for you. Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments section below. Also, to know more about the latest news and updates on technology follow the link.

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