How To Change Your Minecraft Name For PC And Mac

how to change your minecraft name

The Minecraft game user community has this huge concern that they cannot find a way to change their usernames. Well, it’s actually not complicated at all. It’s just not directly accessible from the game. So, how to change your Minecraft username then? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Follow the steps below for our step by step guide on how to change your Minecraft name.

How To Change Your Minecraft Name

  1. First, Login to (All users registered after 2012 are running Mojang accounts. If you have an older account, you can migrate to Mojang account by going to
  2. Locate the “Change” option that is sitting next  Mojang Profile Name and click on it.
  3. Change your Mojang Profile Name, save it & your Minecraft name will change.

That’s all you need to do to change your username. Now, do remember that once you change your username, you cannot change it within the upcoming 30 days. However, your old name is kept for 37 days so, if you wish to change it back to what it was & don’t want others to get that username, you get an extra week to do that.

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If a System error message pops up saying, “not authenticated with” after you’ve changed your username, don’t panic. You just need to logout & login back to your account. That’ll refresh the authentication & connection of your account to the Mojang servers. Logging in again will get you back your account authenticity.

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