Best Home Theater Systems On A Budget In 2019

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Shopping for budget android smartphones is one thing but, shopping for a budget home theater can be an absolute nightmare. If you don’t get exactly what you need, you may end up with a complete, unsatisfactory audio experience at your home. Or you may turn into that annoying neighbor who has that terrible-sounding audio system. Lucky for you, we have everything sorted out. We haven’t gone above 10000 INR though because that’s kinda where the budget line ends for the majority of the people. They’re looking for the best home theater system inside that price range. So, here they are,

Sony SA-D40 (4.1 Channel)

The Sony SA-D40 is literally the top option that we’ve selected for our list. It is a 4.1 Channel system & has an output of 80 Watts. It does have Bluetooth connectivity so, playing songs wirelessly from your smartphone or PC is possible. But, if you want a good old AUX or USB connection, that’s there too. It can be controlled with a remote that comes inside the box so when playing via.

USB, changing songs isn’t an issue. The Sony SA-D40 is currently selling for 8,449 INR on Flipkart. You are living in States, you want to know your currency cost for this item then click here for the currency converter.

Buy the Sony SA-D40

Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 (5.1 Channel)

The Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 is the 5.1 channel option we have on our list. It’s actually slightly higher in output as it does 90 Watts. It also has Bluetooth & USB connectivity and it even has FM Radio. Sure it isn’t super premium quality material or something but, it still does the job pretty well. Oh, it also comes with a remote in the box. Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 is currently selling for 6999 on Amazon India.

Buy the Philips in-SPA 5190B/94

Philips MMS8085B/94 (2.1 Channel)

The Philips MMS8085B/94 is actually a 2.1 channel system. If you like something more muted & subtle, this one is the option you should be looking at. It does 8o Watts just like the Sony but, speakers are pillar-shaped which means, they have more hight compared to their width. It also has Bluetooth, USB & stuff like that. The price is actually the same as the previous one so, it is also selling for 6999 on Amazon India.

Buy Philips MMS8085B/94

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