How To Reset Jio-Fi Password and Regain Access

How To Reset Jio-Fi Password

If you have a Jio-Fi & you ever forget your current password, you may get into trouble. So, how to get out of that trouble or in simple words, how to reset Jio-fi password? Well, you can reset Jio-Fi password by following the simple steps below,

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Steps To Reset Jio-Fi Password

  1. Switch on your Jio-Fi & connect to a device from which you’re already signed in
  2. Go to “http://jiofi.local.html” or “”
  3. Login by using “administrator” as both your username & password (that’s the default)
  4. Now you have to click on “Network” -> “Wi-Fi Configuration”
  5. You’ll see a “Password” field where you can set your new password
  6. After you’re done, click on “Save”

This process works for all the Jio-Fi devices out there so, no matter which generation or variant you’re using, that’s how you will need to do it.

If you don’t have access to a device that you’ve logged in before or you’ve changed the “administrator” password in the past & forgotten about that too, look for a tiny hole in the device (Jio-Fi). Inset a pin through that hole, to find the Reset button. Click & hold it for like 30 seconds or so to reset. Once you finish Resetting, Login with the default credentials & re-configure your Jio-Fi. To get more geek guide let us know in the comment below. 


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